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General Porpoise Doughnuts Review

General Porpoise Doughnuts in Seattle, WA sells perfect doughnuts. Just be sure to open a few credit cards before coming to visit.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer & Sunset Fried Chicken Review

If you like bad service, bad cuts of chicken and great drinks all at exorbitant prices, I have got the perfect place for you. Come on down near the 12th and Pine and throw your hard-earned money away at Rachel’s...

Burger King Mac n’ Cheetos Review

The worst part about Burger King’s new Mac n’ Cheetos is ordering them. I needed time and strength to accept my future actions. It took all the courage I had to look another human in the eye and admit that...

How Did Eggo Make a Boring Breakfast Sandwich?

I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if an Eggo breakfast was a delicious guilty pleasure. I would fully understand if an Eggo breakfast sandwich was disgusting. I would probably expect it to be mind-blowingly...

B & B Cafe (Albert Lea, MN)

Order of Nostalgia at the B & B Cafe

What does nostalgia taste like? There are millions of smells and flavors in your life. Which combination sums up all the warm memories? I suppose the easy answer is butter and maple syrup on a pancake.

Star Wars Cereal: The Flavor Doesn’t Awaken

Long ago in an office building far, far away… near I-394 and U.S. Route 169… Quality has vanished. In its absence, the sinister GENERAL MILLS has risen from the ashes of capitalism and will not rest until...

Bowl of Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch

Is Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch Sweet Enough? No! SWEETER!

Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch tastes just like the sugar cookies your grandma use to make. Keep in mind, I am making the assumption that your grandma is terrible at baking. I bet the best your nana could manage is a tray of...