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The Little Hours Review

Siblings, parents, grand kids and bitch-ass friends: gather round the television to hear The Little Hours' holy message.

The Big Sick Review

I know I'm in the minority. The Big Sick has almost universal praise and I'm the fly in the ointment. But if you ask my family, that's the role I was born to play.

Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver is stupid. This wonderful statement of opinion comes to you from a guy who sat behind me during my screening of The Fate of the Furious.

Transformers: The Last Knight Review

There are countless aspects to rail on about. But focusing on negatives will never make the world better. Instead, I want to focus on the positives. Here is everything positive about Transformers: The Last Knight.

Rough Night Review

Twists are telegraphed from miles away. Foreshadowing has the subtly of a drag queen's eye shadow. But I still laughed, a lot.

Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman needed to convince audiences that mankind is not worth saving. It needed to show Diana struggle with the decision between savior or destroyer. And by Goddess, it did.

The Mummy Review

In classic monster movie fashion, Universal stood upon the blood alter and sacrificed their first child in the name of the unborn.