Sea Salt & Vinegar Puffed Corn is the Wrath of God

Cosmos Creations Puffed Corn hadst been a gift from God, a blessing unto men. He had delivered unto us a bounty of glorious flavors: caramel, cheddar, sriracha and others for which we doth offer thanks daily. But God giveth and God taketh away.

Oh the ignorance of man! Our deficiency of wisdom shows no bounds insomuch as to doom us to an eternity of sin and punishment. Our Lord provides all. Yet we reach for what lies beyond our grasp. Whilst the heavens provide nectar, men creates poisons of salt and vinegar.

He who plots to overtake the master shall be overtaken by inequity. He who pleads, lies and coerces the forces for which he does not understand shall be doomed. In doing so he doth break the commands of our Father and wroughts anger upon himself. When God’s hand is forced by our actions. Our actions must then by punished by the force of Gods hand.

And the salt of the sea shall leave the vast oceans and fill the soil, corrupting the minerals and destroying the fertile earth the Lord God hath given you.

And the salt in the soil shall leach from the dirt and fill the corn, corrupting the fiber of the grain and destroying the bountiful harvests that the Lord God hath given you.

And verily the salt of the corn shall corrupt the honey bee, the sweet nectar of toil turning bitter.

The vile treachery spawned from Cosmos Creations signifies the end of holy days and heralds a reclamation by Jehovah. He doth return to clear the brambles from the garden, to save the delicate rose that grows amongst weeds. The prayers of the wicked shall no longer be heard. The days of servitude unto the Lord have passed. Only the holiest of the flock shall survive the flood.

And lo, we know of these truths. The prophets have spoke of tastes corrupted. The pleasures of man shall no longer be of pleasure. The sweet, satisfying delicacies brought unto us by Cosmos Creations shall be spoiled and turn to distaste. The mouth of man shall reject the rewards of flavor as it has the rewards of gospel. An unclean mouth deserves unclean nourishment.

And verily I say unto you, cherish the memory of Cosmos Creations for they are a ghost in the eyes of the Lord. For all the good hath they brought, the vile salt and vinegar doth outweigh the sweet and savory by ten to one. No more shall you feel the warmth of love nor the pleasure of satisfaction.

I beseech thy soul to find inner peace, lo even if it doth not exist but as the tiniest grain of sand in a desert. Find thy peace for the end days are upon us and the Lord hath come to reap what man hath sowed.

Cosmos Creations in the Garbage

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