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Steamworld Heist Review

What’s a steambot ‘supposed to do when all them rusty ruffians start comin’ for the water? Shoot ’em. Shoot ’em dead. Git yer steam gun. Git yer steam friends. Git in yer steam spaceship and hunt them vermin down.

I’ve never had great success with anything turn-based. I’m bad at chess. I was bad at Warcraft. Bad at RPGs. Hell, I can’t even wait in line without fidgeting and wishing destruction on all the fools in my way. I don’t want to wait. Just let me go and do the thing I want to do.

Well wouldn’t you know it… I actually enjoyed waiting my turn to shoot cartoon robots in the head. And I wasn’t half bad at it either!

The mechanics of Steamworld Heist were very easy to pick up. Move your robot x-number of steps. Aim gun. Shoot gun. The game eases you into the game play perfectly so turn-based haters like me are never left in an uncomfortable. I never once had a chance to say, “This is dumb. I hate this dumb thing.”

But worry about things being to simple and easy. Steamworld Heist isn’t just a walk here, shoot there game. As your team progresses through the ‘story’ you are given upgraded weaponry, upgraded skills and upgraded enemies. More and more newness is introduced to the game after each level. There is always something new to make sure the game never feels tired and repetitive.

Steamworld Heist Ricochet

And what about that aforementioned story? It’s fine or whatever. Something about robots fighting other robots for water and stuff. I quickly skimmed the story points so I’m sure there’s more to it than what I can tell you. The game was so fun to play on it’s own that I didn’t care about getting engulfed in the story. But I do have to give Steamworld Heist props for all the slick robot puns. I oiled myself snickering.

I also found myself getting real enjoyment out of looking at the screen; so much pride was taken in creating the art style.

The 3DS is hardly a beefy system but it doesn’t matter. Steamworld Heist‘s developers worked within the constraints perfectly. Each crew member is distinctly memorable. Each enemy type is instantly recognizable. Character animations enhance personalities. The environments blend perfectly. Great attention was given to the art and style of this game. My only minor complaints have to do wanting to play the game on a big HD screen and some issues with the UI. Sometimes I would misread or misjudge something in my inventory– whatever. I got used to it. I’m over it.

Know what I didn’t get over with? Playing the freaking game. Once I beat long, healthy campaign I immediately went back to the beginning and started over. Each level is short and generated dynamically (aside from a few boss fights). This means that you can play the same level again and again with completely different results. Add in the fact that you have a large crew with wildly varying skills and an inventory of wildly varying equipment and the possibilities are endless. Steamworld Heist is outrageously replayable and well worth your water.

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