The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

I have no memory of time before the darkness. The moment my eyes opened to the darkened chamber was my oldest memory. I hadn’t any idea as to my location, identity or purpose. Curious, I found my way through the darkness and discovered white, hot light at the end of the tunnel. Stepping through the portal, beyond the safety of darkness, I took my first breath of the wild.

When I took my first steps into the Great Plateau, I was afraid. Skittish. I stayed well within the forest’s shadow, scavenging for eggs, apples, acorns and branches. I had met an old man. He told me I was a great champion. I would be the one to save this fallen kingdom. A blatant lie. At first sight of an enemy I took shelter behind bushes and boulders. When confronted, I ran. Fighting was my last resort.

My small, boyish body struggled to survive the simplest battle. The cave in which I awoke had made me weak. My supple creamy skin broke easily. My blows did little damage. I exhausted quickly. Death would come easily to me, outside my shrine of resurrection.

Confidence is grown, not given. As I pushed further into my exploration all I saw was decimation. Decimation and monsters. If the old man was correct, I would not be able to stay on the sidelines. Slowly I pushed through my fear, I crept out from the shadows. I entered the fray.

I was often, and quickly, defeated.

But through my defeats came my strength. I learned how to defend myself. I learned how to brew healing tonics. I learned how to craft strong weapons. I began to win.

The scourge of monsters was no longer something to run from, save for the giant beasts. The tables began turning in my favor. No path was out-of-bounds. I grew the confidence to survive harsh environments. I was boundless. I welcomed battles.

And from each new battle I claimed a new skill to unleash upon my enemies. The Gods we awaken to my feats and began to bless me with their gifts. The surviving inhabitants of Hyrule would hear of my legend and bestow gifts and treasure upon me. I began to believe the old man. I was becoming the hero.

It was at this time that all fear washed from my mind. I was free to explore this land was full of mysteries.

I climbed every mountain. I searched every cove. I lost all focus on my objective. Treasure was my new ambition. What will I uncover next? What lays just beyond my line of sight?

I no longer had tunnel vision. I had nothing and everything to do. My attention moved constantly from one object to another. My head spun. My mind spurned the direct duties spoken by the old man. His words are distant now.

Each new point of interest I spy takes me one step further than the last series of steps I had taken further from my goal. Farther and farther I go.

I became unstoppable. I was filled with blood lust. I scoured the terrain, looking for unsuspecting Bokoblins, Moblins, Lizalfos, deer, wolves, foxes, horses, humans, fairies– no one was safe from my power.

I crashed headlong into enemy territory. Armed with unstoppable blades, cloaked with my impenetrable selection of armor, I was ready for anything. I knew the land, and the land knew me. I was the one to be feared. My enemies now cowered in the bushes, lest they taste learned the taste of their own blood and my steel.

My rage unquenchable, my belly full of simmered fruit, I punished the dark creatures of this world. I basked in adulation from the peasants. The dragons soared for my honor.

“Worship me,” I said to the Gods.

The Gods response arrived with the subtlety of lightning.

It was a stormy night. I, at the height of my arrogance, was venturing to an island that was awaiting my conquest. Suddenly, all that I had accomplished, all that I had gained throughout my journey was stripped from me. I was cast upon the small, unforgiving island.

In the name of a trial, I was forsaken.

When my curses to the heavens subsided, I set forth to reclaim my glory. I no longer had my many weapons to strike death upon my enemies, but I did have my tactical training. I no longer had my impenetrable armor to protect my creamy skin, but I did have my medicinal knowledge.

I was naked and unequipped as the day I stepped out into the Great Plateau. But I no longer feared for my life. I knew now of what the old man spoke. I was the hero. Not because of what items I might gain, rather what knowledge I might learn.

I vanquished the beast of the cursed island and the Gods returned my treasures unto me. I had been oblivious to my true nature. I had become a destroyer. I was fighting darkness with darkness. I had stepped into the light, but I had not yet become the light.

I was not sent to this world solely to cleans it of inequity. No. I meant for more, for love. I would become the beacon for all to emulate. To be the true hero of Hyrule, I would first need to love Hyrule. I needed to know the people, live with them. Fight for them.

I set my focus on uniting the people, rebuilding Hyrule one person at a time.

It was only with the support of Hyrule that I was ready for my true test. The land, and the people within, were now a part of me. And how far are you willing to go to save yourself? If your life is threatened, how many giants are you willing stand before, sword drawn, and vanquish?

Hyrule had been suffocating in darkness for the past century. There was no hope. No prayers. No future. But in a small cave, tucked away on a plateau, I was reborn. A dim light had still been glowing within my scared, weak bones. Hyrule fed the light. Hyrule nourished it. The light grew. Hope blossomed. The scales of power began to tilt.

But with one last giant standing, my people could still not clearly see the utopia I saw forming on the horizon. But they could feel the warmth of the sun. They knew something new and wonderful might finally arrive, if only the final beast of darkness was struck down.

So here I am, in the heart of Hyrule Castle, the epicenter of darkness. I’m striding up to the face of evil. I’m brandishing my sword. The light of all Hyrule lives within the steel. It will not be extinguished.

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