Sausage Party Review

Sausage Party is the most offensive, immature, crude, reprehensible movie I’ve seen in a long time. I would like to think I’m not the target audience for Sausage Party, that I’m too high-brow for a movie this juvenile. I’m not. I laughed non-stop, even when I knew I probably shouldn’t.

As a public service to you the movie-goer, and to help prevent people from wasting their hard-earned money on a film that will enrage them and provoke them to walk out one-third of the way into the brief runtime, I will warn you of the people who will be most offended.

  1. Christians
  2. Jews
  3. Muslims
  4. Mexicans
  5. Asians

But other than that!

If you associate yourself with a religion or ethnicity that I’ve just listed, there is a really good chance that you will not enjoy Sausage Party. However, depending on how you feel about self-deprecating humor there is still a small chance you will enjoy the movie. So let’s go a little further into detail about why you will hate this movie.

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Oh boy, my family would hate this movie so, so, so very much. It wasn’t enough for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to write a movie full of curse words and debauchery. No, they felt they needed to take their Godless film to the far depths of human depravity.

Not only is Sausage Party filled with vulgarities and depraved sexual humor, it also carries a simple message: there is no God. Also, sex is great, you should do it as often as possible with whoever is closest to you. Also, drugs? They’re pretty cool. You should use them.

Obviously there are varying degrees of Christians in the world and I’m sure there are plenty of Christians who would enjoy Sausage Party as much as I did. But I’m willing to bet that if you’re someone who goes to church every Sunday, the concepts presented will completely offend you.

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Jews & Muslims

Can a movie that features a bagel and a lavash help heal the world and bring peace to the Middle East? Possibly. There is a small chance that both groups will set aside their difference, at least temporarily, and unite in the fight against Sausage Party.

Sausage Party does not hold back its political commentary as it pertains to the Middle East. Which I did not expect when I sat down to watch a cartoon about food.

I’m not quite sure the message found in the climax of Sausage Party will be applicable to the real world. But I’ll continue to dream of a world where humans in the Middle East can emulate the lessons shown to us by a bagel and a lavash.

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Mexicans & Asians

Of all the outlandish things done in Sausage Party it is the handling of these ethnic groups that made me most uncomfortable. The movie spends hardly any time focused on these cultures. Therefore what gets presented is the most cliche-driven gags.

While the Jewish and Muslim characters are given full arcs, Mexican characters are just there to sound like cartoon Mexicans who drink at a cantina and have cartoon accents. Asian characters are present for the blink of an eye but are reduced to Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s caricatures. Yeesh.

I think I understand what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish. Considering that this movie takes place at an American grocery store, all of the characters are supposed to be American generalizations. If you’ve ever been to a grocery story and walked down the ethnic food aisle, you’ve seen a whole bunch of American foods acting like caricatures of actual ethnic food.

There is nothing Mexican about Old El Paso Nacho Cheese Flavored Crunchy Taco Shells.

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How Can Anyone Possibly Like this Movie?!

Sausage Party is offensive. But more importantly, it’s offensive to everyone. I have an easier time accepting insults when every single person on Earth is getting insulted. Sausage Party doesn’t approach the material from an ethnocentric point of view. Hot dogs are not better than bagels. Fruits are not better than vegetables. No, Sausage Party is an absolutely insane reflection of human society, all of it.

It is in a lot of ways similar to The Book of Mormon. No, not the actual book (something my family does love). I am of course referring to the Broadway musical created by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez. You see, Sausage Party appears to just be an excuse for dick jokes and salty language. But right below the simple surface lays a surprisingly thoughtful concept.

A lot of thought went into making this movie. The analogies are on point. The food puns are top-notch. The music is pitch perfect. Even the animation surprised me in its quality. Sausage Party definitely isn’t for everybody (probably about 99% of Earth’s population). But if you’re able to open your mind and laugh at yourself you just might not think it’s a Satanic pile of horse manure.

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