The Lobster Review

Having a companion is the most important thing you can ever do. It is what defines you as a successful human being. If you have nobody, you have nothing. At least that’s what the world of The Lobster would have you believe.

How do you find your someone? The key is to force it. Be desperate. Have a complete warped perception of self worth. Find one random, arbitrary thing and declare you’ve found an unbreakable connective tissue between you and the person you’ve settled upon. If you don’t have a sense of compatibility, you don’t have anything.

If you fear you don’t have one compatible feature, just fake it. It’ll be fine. Lying to yourself and your partner is fully acceptable. Besides, it’s better to be in a dishonest relationship with somebody than to be an honest relationship with nobody. Loners are animals. They belong in the woods, in the dirt.

The Lobster Hotel Room

If you are considering the life of a loner then you must be, or learn to be, a completely self-sustaining individual. You must never need assistance. You must never be dependent. You must die alone.

Don’t you dare try to live with one foot in both hemispheres. There is no compromise. You can’t have a partner AND be a self-sustaining individual. That would be a sin against the very existence of nature. There are two polar opposites to choose from and only those two. The relationships are binary. Are you a one or a zero?

I’ve tried to be fully committed while maintaining a private life. It doesn’t work. The two sides of my brain declare war against each other. It’s impossible to see clearly when I’m pulled in opposite directions. The blind leads the blind.

The Lobster Road to City

I don’t know how to end this article, but you get the point right? I mean, why should I have to give this thing a succinct ending when you already understand the point I’m trying to make.

I could just ramble on for a while and you’d still enjoy the first half of the article right?

The Lobster didn’t figure out how to take the sharp, witty foundation of the movie and translate it to a clean ending. Much like some relationships, there isn’t a clean break. It rambles on for a bit despite everybody involved knowing the inevitable conclusion. The reality of the situation is obvious. All the points have been made. There’s no need to keep dragging it on. Just end it.

The Lobster Transformation Room

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