The Nice Guys Review

Hollywood has got a real problem to deal with. It seems like every time I go to the movies I see something I’ve already seen before. Where is originality? Where are the unique spirits? The Nice Guys was supposed to be a creative, wildly entertaining buddy cop movie based on original characters. But surprise surprise. I’ve seen it all before… in the trailers for The Nice Guys.

The Nice Guys is a creative movie. It is wildly entertaining. It does feature original characters. And I loved all of it. I just loved it all in the trailers first. Therefore, what should have been an outstanding movie-going experience was merely a really pleasant one, like watching a really good movie for the second time.

The trailers for The Nice Guys didn’t spoil every scene, plot point or joke. They just spoiled the best ones:

  • How do they get out of this predicament? Saw it in the trailer.
  • Who is behind it all? Saw it in the trailer.
  • How do they get out of this other predicament? Saw it in the trailer.
  • Is this character going to make it out alive? Saw it in the trailer.

The Nice Guys Toilet Scene

That’s not even mentioning all of the best comedic bits. Most of the best gags were in the trailer. My absolute favorite part of The Nice Guys was the elevator sequence. Yup. In the trailer. I also really loved Ryan Gosling’s scene when he finds a dead body. Damn it. Also in the trailer.

Pretty much every hilarious Ryan Gosling moment is spoiled before you see it on the big screen. The jokes are still funny, but the hilarity isn’t as rich the second time around. Having already seen these great parts didn’t make me dislike the movie in the theater. But a lot of the gusto was taken away and I was never able to feel as excited for the movie as I was when I was watching the YouTube trailer.

However, it should be said that there are a lot of things in The Nice Guys that don’t make it into the trailer. For starters, this movie isn’t really about two guys. It’s about two guys and a little girl. Ryan Gosling’s character has a daughter who is as vital to the film as either Gosling or Russell Crowe. The THREE of them all work in conjunction. And yet she is barely highlighted in the trailers.

The Nice Guys Russell Crowe

Something else that I think might surprise some people is the vast amounts of nudity. Personally, I didn’t care. I didn’t find it to be raunchy and the nudity blended well into the style and era of the movie. But judging from the trailers, I didn’t expect it… at all. And neither did the elderly couple who walked out of the theater about a quarter into the movie.

I think it’s important to clarify that I’m not holding the spoilerific trailers against the final score. I wouldn’t be the petty. The Nice Guys is a really awesome movie. The chemistry between the three leads is great. The comedy is top-notch (even if I saw it already). The action is expertly crafted (even if I know how it happens).

My only complaint with actual movie is that the villains and the villains’ plot seems a little half-baked. But if that means getting to spend more time with Gosling and Crowe, I’ll live with those edits. Those guys have a ton of fun on screen and it feels like spending time with friends you’ve known for a long time.

Because you already saw them in the trailer.

The Nice Guys

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