The Peanuts Movie Review

How much mental and physical abuse can one person take in their lifetime? Why do we as a civilization celebrate the physical strength in other humans? Athletes and physical specimens are hoisted into celebrity and fortune while the meek are forced suffer a life intolerable cruelty. Hang in there Charlie Brown.

Poor Charlie Brown. This helpless boy has been subjected to years of abuse by friends and family. Where are the parents? Where are the community leaders? Where are the teachers? Even at his young age, Charlie Brown is showing the signs of manic depressive disorder. The warning signs of a suicidal tendencies are beginning to blossom. And yet his ‘developed’ community continues to deprive him of healing and cause him to more and more pain. The system is failing you Charlie Brown.

The Peanuts Movie

Children are a reflection of society and the children of this small Minnesota town only know how to pummel Charlie Brown with insults and abuse. Any perceived sense of weakness will be preyed upon like wolves. Charlie Brown is an easy scapegoat for his peers’ perverse fears and self-esteem issues.

“At least I’m not Charlie Brown,” they mutter to themselves in moments of self-doubt. When faced with feelings of insecurity they can always focus their internal hatred towards the punching bag dressed in a yellow zig-zag shirt. “He can take one more blow. He’s used to it. Chuck probably even likes it.”

But how many more hits can Charlie take before he hits back? How much more abuse can be inflicted upon the weak before they break? When does Charlie Brown reach the point of no return? There must be a limit to what he can absorb. After a lifetime of mental abuse, Charlie Brown must have reached his saturation point. Anything to end the suffering must seem like the only way out for poor Charlie Brown.

The Peanuts Movie

But there was one accidental moment that almost changed everything for Charlie Brown. In a mindless accident he accidentally signs his name to the wrong test, a test that receives a perfect score. In an instant the world around him turns about-face. The masses flock to him. In their eyes, Charlie finally has worth. Charlie Brown finally has something to offer. Charlie Brown finally has something to take.

But alas the fortune and fame are short lived. Despite the years of anguish and hatred directed upon him, Charlie Brown still clings dearly to the thread of moral decency that separates him from the animals. Charlie Brown stands up and chooses honesty.

In a depraved society there is no reward for truth.

As quickly as the throng descended upon him, it vanished. And in return for Charlie Brown’s honesty, the horde dug deeper into their hatred. You’re a waste of a human being Charlie Brown.

And now there is nothing left for Charlie Brown. He is empty. He has tried to be kind. He has tried to be honest. He has given himself to his friends and his communtiy. They have all rejected him. He believes he is a blockhead for ever trying. You were the best of us Charlie Brown, and now you are gone.

The Peanuts Movie

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