Trainwreck Review

Amy Schumer is a train wreck! When addiction to booze and sex derails her life, Amy is forced to continue a successful career as a writer for a successful magazine. She must continue to live in the squalor of her clean, expansive New York apartment. Amy’s selfish attitude has even ruined her relationship with her family due to her refusal not stop caring for her ill father and remain cordial with her sister. All Amy needs to fix everything is a rich, stable man.

Amy Schumer is one of the funnier active comedians in the world. She sells out major comedy tours and has a successful sketch show on Comedy Central. I think it’s fair to say that her comedy is raunchy and risky. And I don’t mean “risky’ like how your mom would say it (riss-kaaaay). I mean it literally. She takes a lot of risks with her comedy and has been very successful.

With all that being said, I would love to understand how someone who is so well known for taking risks writes one of the most generic romantic comedies every written.

I’m not exaggerating. The basic plot lines are cut and pasted from a Hallmark special. I think someone gave Amy Schumer the script for a failed Katherine Heigl project and asked her to “raunchy it up.” Instead of changing any of the story, Amy just added random comedic scenes in a sea of mediocrity.

Amy Schumer & Bill Hader
Bill can’t believe the plot is this simple.

I can’t spoil Trainwreck for you. You’ve already seen it. Girl meets boy. Boy and girl get together. Girl and boy get in a fight. Boy and girl spend a scene moping around in a famous location the two had previously visited. Somebody does a grand gesture and then boy and girl get back together. It is a literal connect the dots movie.

This isn’t to say that Trainwreck isn’t funny. Amy Schumer is very funny in Trainwreck. The absolute best moments are when Amy is being a so-called train wreck. The problem is that a lot of the running time is used for scenes of celebrity cameos trying (and failing) to be funny and Amy Schumer trying her best at dramatic acting.

Amy isn’t the worst but you can tell she isn’t quite comfortable in that kind of role. The movie is trying to be more than just a raunchy comedy, but when we aren’t able to fully connect with the emotional center of film it’s just a bunch of wasted time. This is probably why all of the emotional moments with Amy are cut really, really short.

John Cena
John Cena acts as well as you image a wrestler would act.

We’re given a short 30 second scene of Amy expressing her emotions to her sister but to make up for it we are given (what seems like) a 10 minute scene of Lebron James splitting the check. We’re given major exposition through quick voice over but we are treated to a lengthy scene about finding a missing condom.

If you’re going to be funny, be funny. If you’re going to be dramatic, be dramatic. But if you can’t do one of them very well, don’t force it and do the one thing you do well.

Aggravating the issues of Trainwreck is that Judd Apatow is directing. In typical Apatow fashion, Trainwreck is filled with solid comedic moments but the movie meanders and takes forever to get to the point. This movie absolutely does not need to be two hours long. If they trimmed 30 minutes out of this movie it might actually be easier to digest and possibly a movie I’d recommend just for the comedy.

Amy Schumer & Bill Hader Cuddling

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