Legend Has It

The trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther movie released on Friday. It’s a good trailer. I have an understanding of how Wakanda fits into the world. I have an idea as to what’s going on inside of Wakanda. And I have an understanding of how many asses will be kicked. A lot of asses.

Two elements of the trailer shone brightest:

  • Michael B. Jordan
  • The music

I hope Michael B. Jordan’s next role has him playing an overweight schlub because at this point, it’s just not fair that he can look that good and be that cool. He’s in a completely different reality than then rest of us mortal losers. The guy’s in the trailer for only seconds and dominates it.

Also vying for domination, the song used in the trailer. I had never heard it before. But ever since Friday, I’ve heard it many times. It’s a damn fine song. It would be a pity if the soundtrack of Black Panther doesn’t find a way to implement Run the Jewels. Ryan Coogler was able to do something similar in Creed. I pray Marvel let’s him do it for Black Panther.

But odds it’ll be the same generic score they use in all their other movies.

Step into the the spotlight. Woo!

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