Thin Toilet Paper

Visit Hood River for the Nature, Stay for Thinnest Toilet Paper in the World

Hood River, Oregon nestled between two large bluffs. Clinging to the ever-flowing Columbia River, the city enjoys gorgeous panoramic views from almost everywhere. Also, their toilet paper is ungodly thin.

Drive away from the city center, up the bluff toward Mount Hood, through the countless orchards, staying alongside the Hood River and you just might find Punchbowl Falls. As water pours endlessly over the rock cliffs, a fine veil of mist rises from the turgid water and meanders upward through the dense layers of ancient evergreen trees.

Punch Bowl Falls
Like this, but your butt.

The toilet paper in Hood River is also as thin as a fine morning mist. As vapor-like paper rises from the bubbling waters flowing down from porcelain cliffs, you will experience something so natural, so raw, you may never be the same again.

It is almost impossible to come this close to nature while still staying in a bustling city that brims with all the modern luxuries. Hood River stays with you, calling you back from afar. In fact, this marks the second straight year we’ve visited.

I could go on and on about Hood River but I’ve already written about our time there so I won’t go into any more deep detail. Also, I would never like to go deep into anything with that ultra thin toilet paper every again.

Thin Toilet Paper
I’m 100% sure that it couldn’t be any thinner and still be classified as a solid.

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