HarmonQuest Season 1 Review

Come, gather round the table and give listen to the legend of HarmonQuest. Tis a bold story of misfits embarking upon an impossible quest to transform the hobby of outcasts into entertainment for the masses. With only their quick wits and genial attitudes may the heroes fulfill their destiny.

At the onset you may feel unease as the heroes sit against a simple black curtain, behind a table strewn with inedible foods. These fools just sit and talk. There is no action! How might this simple stage bring me joy? Surely this HarmonQuest will only satisfy the nerds who live in the shadows of the kingdom.

But alas, the grand quest quickly morphs from the stale visages of reality and transform into a rich artwork of motion graphic tapestries. The action is grand and far reaching. The scale is grand and deep. The intricate line work and modern styling incite and excite your visual senses. The acuity of HarmonQuest implores with great ease that you render yourself unto the adventure.

HarmonQuest Spencer

Like gold in an alchemist’s grasp, give in and let yourself be transformed. For it shall be heralded by the grace of the almighty Master, lord of fantasy and comedy, Spencer. Listen wise as He bears witness of the titillating adventure thrust upon a half-orc, a goblin, a barbarian and the magical world of inhabitants they voyage through.

The Master works in mysterious ways as he crafts devious twists and turns that guide our clumsy heroes to a strong and satisfying conclusion. Have faith that in sparse of moments of the quest, it is He who shall be the redeemer. Never fear, for Spencer has an intricate plan for all those who follow his wisdom.

The world in which HarmonQuest exists could not be possible if not for the almighty Spencer. Even in the darkest hours, it is He who brings us all forward into the light. It is he who shines brightest. All praise to Spencer! Hallelujahs in thy name! May your words forever fill the land and bring the bounty of HarmonQuest to souls who have not yet been brought to the light.

HarmonQuest Jail Cell

And the will of the Lord shall be done by his three followers: Fondue Zoobag, Boneweevil and Buer O’Shift. These three heralds of the quest are equipped with precise wit. Their tongues are sharp and quick. Like the swishing steel of a champion swordsman, our main heroes find light were most could only find darkness.

On but a few occasions they struggle to find footing in the battle. In rare instances they may flail and miss their mark. How unfortunate when an arrow is loosed against heavy cross winds and flies untrue.

However, the heralds of HarmonQuest are rich with fortitude, minds are unrelenting. They do not deliver glancing blows often. Nay, they strike true and hard, delivering impactful blows with great frequency to the delight of the many and through the will of Spencer.

HarmonQuest Aubrey Plaza Gnome

With constant frequency our heroes are joined on their quest by wandering misfits. These special characters often bring great joy to the quest. They often bring new and exciting views to the table and build excitement with their unique voices and talents.

Sadly, the newcomers often struggle in adapting to the foreign and quick moving wills of the Lord God Spencer. These new converts may be slow of will in committing to the gospel and their very presence may slow the journey to a lurching crawl.

But seldom do they hold hold steadfast and withstand the true light. Nay, the newcomers give way to truth and are baptized in the cleansing waters of HarmonQuest.

For again, let’s give thanks to our Savior Spencer. For He is always watching, always listening. He is quick to show the world his love and mercy. It is He who drives the quest forward, burdened with the sins of those who fail to find the light.

Let us all stand in amazement of this great achievement and give thanks unto Spencer who has given us such a bounteous gift of life. Let us forever quest. Huzzah!

HarmonQuest Beasts

Do not ye dither! Go now and experience the first episode of HarmonQuest on the YouTubes.

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