Agility Training at One Lucky Dog

I was lucky enough to be invited to One Lucky Dog to practice my action photography skills while dogs (and owners) do their agility training. I love action shots but can still struggle to get the perfect shot. So I relished the opportunity to not only have dog after dog perform amazing feats of agility, but I also loved how much of a challenge it was to capture these speed demons.

My initial plan was to lay on the ground away from all the action and use my telephoto lens to capture the angles I wanted. But I learned very quickly that my plan was not going to work. It was a grey evening in Woodinville, WA and the tall Pacific Northwest trees were blocking any semblance of where the sun might even live behind an endless blanket of clouds. It was not the best situation for fast action photography.

I didn’t want to distract the dogs. However, the owners seemed quite happy to have a distraction so the dog could practice staying focused. With that in mind I put on my low light lens and got right up close to the action. I plotted out the course and picked spots that were close enough to get a great photo, but clear of any impact zone.

I am so thankful to One Lucky Dog for such a great opportunity for me to practice. And I can’t express how impressive the dogs and humans worked together. I hope my photos reflect the hard work that goes into the sport.

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